Roger Emmott Associates Limited has steel and iron ore consulting and research experience gained during the last 27 years. 

We have built up considerable experience of undertaking specialist market studies, due diligence both technical and commercial, strategic reviews, and also in making forecasts and developing scenarios. We are skilled in using all possible sources, whether these are on-line databases, industry associations, industry communities, specialist individuals, or others. We are used to working under time pressure to provide clear resolution of complex issues.

We also have extensive expertise in expert witness relating to many matters involving steel and mining


We are not averse to taking risks, but we cannot predict the future with certainty. We are prepared to make forecasts (on volumes and prices), however we prefer to forecast on a longer-term basis as the metals sector is cyclical and short-term fluctuations are notoriously hard to predict with accuracy. 

We believe that, as the world continues to develop, there is still upside for the commodities sector. We have been close observers of China for many years (first forecast regarding China published in 1995) especially in the context of its consumption and production of steel. China is complex. It is large. It is maturing. Growth rates are slowing but are still large relative to much of the devleoped world in percentage and absolute terms. Looking globally, with 9 billion people on the planet in another 30 years or so, there is plenty of upside as countries develop at their own rates.

Steel and its raw materials have a large part to play in this growth, as they look unlikely to be substituted in any volume.


We are increasingly concerned and involved in the issue of reducing carbon emissions from the steel sector and have developed expertise in this regard. 


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