Recent engagements have also included a number of confidential expert witness engagements in steel and mining, covering pricing, valuations and technical matters.
Client type Country Business impact
Japanese listed firm UK Customer service profitability review and recommendations for improvements
Private equity UK Due diligence on market entry to steel business
State owned steel company Germany Due diligence for purchasing consortium and preparation of offer
Listed mining company Kazakhstan Due diligence on acquisition target, risks identified and decision made not to pursue
State-owned mining company Ukraine Due diligence on acquisition target
Financial institution Kuwait Due diligence on investment in raw materials expansion, approved
Listed utility UK Due diligence on aspects of integration
Private Equity UK Due diligence on possible acquisition in industrial secctor
State-owned steel firm Romania Preparation for privatization
Privately owned steel trader UK Due diligence of raw material asset investment, subsequently purchased
Export Credit Agency Austria Feasibility studies on investment in SE Asia
Textile group Indonesia Feasibility studies on relocated steelmill in Indonesia
Diverse groups Global Forecaster products
Private steel firm Saudi Arabia Market and feasibility study for entry into coated steels
Listed energy company USA Market and pre-feasibility studies for steel investments
Financial institution Saudi Arabia Market and strategic studies, construction steels
Listed steel company Netherlands Market and strategic studies for new flat rolled investment. Product and profit optimization programme implemented
Public company – industrial India Market and technical studies for acquisition of power plant
Financial institution Hong Kong Market due diligence for raw materials IPO
Listed steel company South Korea Market due diligence for large integrated steel mill investment
State oil company Venezuela Market studies for OCTG products
Listed special steel company Austria Market, strategic, technical and commercial studies for special and engineering steels to optimise positioning and profitability
European Bank Czech Rep Market, technical and investment studies
Japanese Trading House Japan Pre-feasibility study for raw material investment
Listed mining firm Canada Project and programme management
Listed steel companies Global Steel and raw materials training
Financial institutions Global Steel and raw materials training
Listed raw materials suppliers Global Steel and raw materials training
Steel and raw materials traders Global Steel and raw materials training
Steel service centres Global Steel and raw materials training
Listed airline Malaysia Strategic and organizational review
Private steel company Hungary Strategic review and profitability assessment
Listed equipment manufacturer Austria Strategic review with subsequent reorganisation
Listed Steel company Australia Strategic review and globalisation options, restructured firm to enable new market approach and increased financial returns
Private steel and trading company Switzerland Strategic review and valuation studies for lenders validated firm’s stategy
Listed steel company UK Strategic support and business cases
Listed utility firm UK Studies of merger synergies
Public company South Africa Technical studies
Listed steel company Australia Troubleshooting and client relationship building
Diverse groups Global Value added editorial products
Listed mining firm UK/Australia

Workshop supporting planning process and due diligence

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