“I have been working with Roger as a colleague and consultant for over 10 years. Roger is a great person to work with, open, highly driven and always seeking further improvement. He has done a fantastic job leading and expanding the research and consulting business at SBB and building a new training business from scratch. One of his qualities that I admire most, and have experienced on numerous occasions, is his creative thinking. I have come to know Roger as an inspiring motivator, a business oriented manager, as well as a highly capable consultant, with a wealth of experience in the iron and steel industry.” Gilles Calis, Managing Director, SteelConsult International, Amsterdam (NL)

“I have worked with Roger providing his organisation (SBB) with my training services at the educational seminars he has organised. Roger has always been very professional and a pleasure to work with. I have found him to be business oriented for the seminars and client oriented for the attendees. He has always sought new ideas for improving and further expanding the scope and income streams of his organisation's educational business. I would happily work with Roger at any time.” Neil Banks, Independent consultant

“Roger's experience and knowledge of the mining and steel industries is second to none” Andrew Buckley, Principal consultant, Atkins Management Consultants

“Roger is a thorough professional. He knows his subject inside out and has a clear and concise way of getting his message across. His knowledge of the global steel industry and its main players is extensive and he is always happy to share his knowledge with his colleagues and peers. Importantly, he does it all with a sense of perspective and good humour! He is a great asset to any company and a good colleague to have.” Neil Roberts, Sales Manager, Steel Business Briefing

“Roger and I worked together on the first steel training at Steel Business Briefing and we were a great team. He has an excellent knowledge of the steel industry and a great presenting style which encaptured the training audience and won him great feedback as a result. Anyone who works with Roger in the future is in for a treat and as, you can see from the other recommendations on here, he has really made an impression on his colleagues throughout his entire working life.” Virginia Mainwaring, Marketing Executive, Steel Business Briefing

“Roger has profound knowledge about the steel industry and global commodity industry as a whole, based on the impression and facts he gave me and clients positive feedback on our conferences/trainings where he was chairing or presenting or answering questions. As a member in the commercial team, I have particularly witnessed Roger's capacity to generate significant amount of research/consulting project revenue for our company. I fully recommend him.” James Huang, Business Development Manager Asia, Steel Business Briefing

“Roger is a great person to work with. He is intelligent, kind, quick thinking, and detail oriented. We have worked on some great projects and I always find his ideas insightful. A true innovator.” Caroline Macmillan, Global Head of Marketing, Steel Business Briefing

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